Dave Law’s Tempo Tuesday’s Live set from The Vocal Booth Weekender 2015

Here’s a link to my Set from the Tuesday night Tempo Party at Club Shumara during the Vocal Booth Weekender 2015.
The Tempo night at Club Shumara went really well, Thank you to everyone who came to support us on the night and thanks to all the DJ’s who played fantastic sets.
I’ve asked all the other DJ’s The Journeymen (Ben Coppin & Miggs Harris) Adam Rogers Dean Jacobs & Simon Bowden if they would join me for a reunion party and also to celebrate my 46th Birthday on the 23rd January 2016 at Club Texture in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.
For all info about the night go to Facebook event page…..https://www.facebook.com/events/1517738175204422/

Hope to see some of you guys there and hope you enjoy my set from Vocal Booth 2015…..Dave.

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