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Tempo has had many amazing DJs grace the the decks over the years. We have a habit of featuring our personal favourites so when you hear our guests sets you are hearing what we listen too when we are out ourselves or relaxing at home. Here is a few along with their thoughts after playing at Tempo

Sy Sez – Soul Heaven, AphroDisiax
“Always a pleasure playin @ tempo, a party where I can really be me. The vibe is great on the floor & this is helped by having a pair of real good resident DJs”

Andy Ward – Soul Central, Vocal Booth Weekender Head Honcho
“The crowd is just as important, if not more so, than the music for me now… the right crowd means the right music… so I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tempo, even though I was full of flu at the time.”

Andy’s Home | Vocal Booth Weekender

Nick Moss – Groove Assassin
“Tempo is always a top crack Dave & Dean really know their onions and have a fantastic & clued up crowd …always a pleasure.”

The Home of Groove Assassin

Neil Pierce – Fanatix, Soul Heaven, Beat Players
“Always a pleasure to play at Tempo… Banging crowd, fantastic hosts and always a great vibe!”

Neil’s events

Sean McCabe -King Street, Soul Heaven
“‘Tempo always has an up for it energetic vibe and crowd with amazing appreciation for quality house music'”

Sean’s Hangout

Owen & Matt – DeepCitySoul
“From the first time we played for Tempo guys we felt like part of the family. These guys know how to party and how to run one. To top it off I know musically the crowd just “get it” every time” Owen

“Just as Tempo is a crucial element of any musical composition, so are parties like these for those of us who love and live the industry. Always delivering a clued up crowd serious about their socialising just as much as their musical taste providing us [the guest DJs] the perfect platform to roll out the rarities and indulge in our latest productions.” Matt

The DCS boys haunt

Miggs Harris – The Journey Men 
“The Tempo parties are one of my favourite parties to go to So It was a honour and a pleasure to have been asked to be play and be part of Tempo’s 2nd birthday, I cant wait to come back.. !! The crowd at the Tempo Parties are second to none, they really know their music and how to party. always pure vibes in side a Tempo Party!!! ”

Miggs Music

Tito Pulpo –
“Having known TEMPO from the start and watching them grow, it’s been a pleasure being associated with them. The bonus of being able to play there every year (the birthday celebrations) is always a highlight of the calendar – a supreme pleasure to play for them and the fantastic TEMPO family”

Home to Tito

CJ Macintosh – Legend
“Great party with a great crowd and hosted by 2 great DJs. Thank you for having me there :)”

CJ’s Blogspot

DJ Pugwash – Host of the Soulful House Chart on Pressure Radio
“The Twins always throw a party with the most incredible infectious atmosphere due to their loyal crowd and that in a scene that sometimes becomes a bit repetitive, they always deliver a quality selection of DJs and music choice. Me playing at Tempo was a highlight of the last couple of years. Dean & Dave give it to you from the heart which is the best way to party. Long Live Tempo. “

The Big Man’s Spot

DJ Bones – Push FM
“Always a fun party, top crowd and a joy to spin at. Good work guys”
DJ Raw – House of Rhythm
“Great night, wicked crowd & a pleasure to play! Well done lads.”

Raw’s Home

Mr cSp – Fresh, Sweet & Sexy
“Tempo London, what can i say, Absolutely Superb event held by top DJ’s Dave Law & DeanJay, with an attentative crowd, what more could you ask for ?? Exactly … Proper Tingz “

FSS in the house

Chris Andes – Smitten
“It was a real pleasure playing at Tempo warming up for Andy Ward at the BrickHouse for Tempo`s 1st birthday..the crowd know what house is about…one love*”
Tashizm – Tempo
“There’s always such a nice vibe at TEMPO, a family feeling for sure! I look forward to playing there everytime. The boys have definately got something good going on with this party. Thanks TEMPO! xx”

Tashizm Mix Site

Stuart Mitchell – Fresh Sweet & Sexy,
“I thoroughly enjoyed playing for Tempo. It’s a pleasure to play for such an up for it and knowledgable crowd who always have a smile on there faces and also a pleasure to play alongside Dave & Dean.”

Stu’s Deep Soul Sanctuary


Adam Rogers – Mind The Gap,
“Having known Dean and Dave for a few years and attended some of their events, it was a real honour for me to be asked to play at their Tempo/Nudeep nights, such a musically knowledgeable crowd, who really know there tunes but also an up for it crowd who know how to have a great time, the vibe is second to none. These guys really know how to throw a party, can’t wait to play at their events again in the near future.”

Adz Soundcloud Page


The Journey Men – Unquantize Records,

“We absolutely love playing at Tempo, its been a staple party in our diary for years and playing there tops it! A wicked crowd, always up for a great night and they know their tunes!
Big Thanks to Dave and the Tempo crew for having us every time, cant wait until our next Journey up North!!
Peace ✌? The Journey Men,”

The Journey Men


Craig Stewart & Dale Nortier – Wiggly Worm Records,

“Myself and Craig were thrilled to play TEMPO in 2016, This was our first visit to the Manchester club and had heard great reviews of previous nights held there, I have to say that we were blown away by the place, a lovely spacious but intimate venue, Spotlessly clean with a fantastically stocked bar, The room was lively and as the night progressed the vibe really got going, Nice sound system and people were very friendly and with great DJ sets from Dave Law, Sol Brown & finishing with Sy Sez made the night one to remember, Thanks to Dave Law for putting on a fantastic event, We can’t wait for the next one.”

Wiggly Worm Records


Raj Acquilla – Ex Hacienda DJ

“Tempo Manchester is at the forefront of soulful house music in the U.K. As a former Hacienda resident it’s a privilege to continue the passion and love for our beautiful music in our city. Dave Law is so respected by the industry so it’s no wonder we are honoured by fabulous guest DJs every event. I can’t wait for the 6th Birthday and hope to see you all there”

Raj’s Soundcloud Page


Steve Harrington – House FM

“Tempo is a night that I have been keen to play at since the beginning… having partied with the Tempo crew at their nights I knew the crowd were clued up, and had a real appreciation of Deep and Soulful House music. I finally got my chance in March last year, and it was definitely a highlight of the year for me – great night with a warm, friendly and fantastic crowd. I’m looking forward to getting back behind the Tempo decks real soon! Here’s to the next 6 years and beyond – for a quality soulful dance night in Manchester, you can’t go wrong… Big up the Tempo crew!”

Steve’s Mixcloud Page


Steve Reed – Blackwax

Brighter Days, Bump N Hustle, Vocal Booth Weekender

Tempo is a great party with a really musically open minded crowd, Was great to play whatever I wanted and keep a full floor. Dave is also a great host and a pleasure to DJ for.

Pat Bedeau – Bedfunk Records

I have had the pleasure to play 2 Tempo nights now, the first many years ago in London was one of the first places I first played my deeper sets. Although I began playing and love Soulful House, there is something about deep house that draws me in, I still like it to have a soulful edge, but love the tougher side for the dance floor. So when the boys Dean and Dave asked me to play, I asked what they wanted me to play as I was playing reasonably early about 12, they just said ‘crack on and play what you want’. The great thing about the Tempo nights is they go in from the start, so whereas a lot of promoters want you to do a warm up set earlier and not go too hard too early, they are more than happy for you to hit it and that was perfect for me to express myself and explore my deeper side. When I played in Manchester for Dave’s birthday, I was given freedom to play what I wanted again, which is always music to my ears as I like to be respectful to who comes on after me, to set them up for how they play. The crowd was well up for it and came along for the ride. Dave done the first set, which was nice and tough and the perfect platform for me to follow. With DeanJay after me I knew I could play as deep as I wanted and he would go even deeper. I started my set with The Soul Dynamic’s remix of Dennis Ferrer’s Church Lady and the music flowed from there. The new club Underdog was perfect, low ceiling, dark, Function 1 system, with 2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 and a DJM 900 mixer with Function 1 monitoring, just perfect. The crowd was more than up for it and the after party was quite legendary. I cannot recommend this night highly enough. Tempo by name and Tempo by nature, the night is 100 miles and running from the start and is a perfect work out for any house head needing their fix of a good night out.
Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin, who was headlining on the night, is one of the best in the business. He has been doing it at the top level on the decks and in the studio for decades. It was a joy to witness and be part of hearing one of the benchmarks for Soulful and Deep house as he takes you on one of his trademark journey’s with his special edits and bumpy groove.
I can’t wait until I get the call up again and can grace their decks and play my trade to their knowledgeable and ‘up for it’ party crew. Friendly bar staff and security make it a pleasure. Long live Tempo nights!


Bert Bevans – Studio 54/Ministry Of Sound

I had the pleasure of playing  @ “TEMPO” with Hacienda Legend Dave Law.
It was an unbelievable musical experience.
Underdog is a small intimate venue in the heart of Manchester, but it’s a BIG Experience. The crowd is very knowledgeable, up for everything, so you have to be on point.
From the beginning to the end (very late) we tore the roof off to a very appreciative multicultural audience.
If your in Manchester, It’s an experience not to be missed!!!
Can’t wait for them to ask me to play again, Definitely, a can’t miss experience.
Thanks for having me!!!!



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