Jeffie Gee Interview

Tempo Warm-Up DJ on Sat 19th Jan 2013

1. When and how did you get into house music?
I first started listening to “dance” music in the early 90s but my real introduction to proper House was around 1997 when a workmate of mine took Jules and I to Renaissance in Nottingham, the next few years were the commercial heyday of house really so we went to more mainstream “funky” nights such as Hed Kandi, Defected, Soul Heaven, Miss Moneypennys & Babushka as well as several Dance Festivals like Essential, Homelands, Gatecrasher etc. I found my passion for “real” soulful & deep house music grew after attending Bobby & Steve‚Äôs Garage City nights at Bar Rumba around 1999 onwards, it felt like home and the music had more soul and musicality and what I think was a more authentic NY, NJ, Chicago sound. I was hooked, lost in music.

2. Now we know you love house music but share with us just how deep it goes?
I love all sorts of music but nothing gives me JOY like house music. I stood in Space Ibiza on the Terrace with 3000 other clubbers in 2002 when Erik Morillo played “Sweet Dreams” as his opening track and everyone was singing along, that is what House means to me – Togetherness, Freedom and Pleasure. I was filled with JOY. All our friends in the scene are great people when we party with them we constantly smile and laugh, the love & happiness is obvious to see. Those times are about escaping from the drudgery of normal everyday life. The positivity energizes us all I believe. House Music has opened my eyes to so many other genres too – Jazz, Funk, Disco, Soul & Gospel because those are where it comes from and for that I am very thankful.

3. Tell us how you felt when you were asked to play for Tempo.

I was proud that The Tempo Twins had faith in me to choose good quality music to play, I was surprised too because I am no DJ just a house music fan who enjoys making mixes for myself at home using very simple software. Although I have seen plenty of non DJs “have a go” I am not a person who wants to be in the limelight or sober and responsible when out!! I was also surprised how calm I stayed on the night, apart from when Dave asked me to do another half hour because the other guest DJ failed to show lol. I got through it though. I think it went kind of OK, the tunes were good ones anyway.

4. Have you had any experience at all with being behind the decks and is it something you would like to do more often?
I used to do Blues and Rock Discos for Motorcycle Clubs many years ago but never house or mixing or with CDJs, in fact I have never used CDJs just vinyl on a dodgy old Citronic turntable/mixer set up. I would like to learn how to use CDJs and mixer but don’t have the money to buy my own. I have bought a Traktor set up and find it enjoyable to play although my mixing still doesn’t sound like you real DJs do. I could do with some lessons with someone who knows the proper way things should be done lol. Yes I would like to play music to an appreciative audience more it is excellent seeing people loving your selections and having a good time

5. The first record you ever bought…

The first record I bought was New Boots & Panties by Ian Dury & The Blockheads in 1977. The first “Dance” CD was a Positiva Compilation in 1993.

Your Top 3 house tracks:
1. Kings of Tomorrow – Finally
2. Masters at Work – Backfired
3. The Cleptomaniacs – All I Do

Thank you Dean & Dave for the Opportunity, Big Love
Jeffie Gee

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